Next Generation Cyber Security

For Small Businesses

PureDome protects businesses of all sizes with a few clicks.

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Next Generation Cyber Security For Small Businesses

PureDome protects businesses of all sizes with a few clicks.

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No business is too small for hackers and because smaller businesses lack the security protection of larger businesses, they are low hanging fruits for hackers. Smaller businesses are using more and more cloud-based apps also called Software as a Service (SaaS). They are collaborating with more freelancers and third-party resources. Their workers log in and work from home routinely. This means more than ever, data crucial to their business including financial data is exposed at critical points. PureDome protects small businesses facing these scenarios making your cybersecurity easy and stress free.

Why Pure Dome for your Small Business?

PureDome was built keeping Small Business needs in mind. Next generation technology ensures protection against sophisticated enterprise level threats yet can be implemented and managed through an intuitive interface with a few clicks. PureDome does not force security on Small Business users, rather it secures users according to hybrid workforce behaviors. Small Business employees go directly to the internet outside any corporate networks. PureDome ensures all these employees get fast, secure anonymous access.

Next Generation Protection,

Built Ground Up For Small Businesses

PureDome was built with a deep understanding of Small Business user journeys and behaviors to ensure maximum success. Thus, it addresses key security trends related to Small Businesses in the post pandemic era:

Hybrid Work Is Here To Stay

Significant number of employees working remotely logging in from homes and cafes to work on smartphones and laptops and using applications in the public cloud are an established reality. PureDome protects them via its business VPN which encrypts, secures, and anonymizes their internet traffic without compromising speed.

Many Small Businesses Have Multiple Offices

Remote and branch offices are an expected outcome of Small Businesses growing fast. When these offices communicate with each other that traffic is exposed to hackers. PureDome’s Site to Site VPN creates a secure link between VPN gateways by encrypting traffic at one site and sending it to another site over the public internet anonymously and securely.

Small Businesses Work With Freelancers And Third-Party Contractors

Augmenting employees with third party resources on a project-to-project basis or on a retainer for specific skill sets is very common. With PureDome’s powerful access control technology you decide which users have access to which resources, and define which level of access to your data do users get. Poor access control and management is a major reason for data breaches. PureDome makes sure Small Businesses stay protected.

Small Businesses Have Few Or No High-Level Technical Resources

High level technical resources for handling internal tech and selecting and managing the right tools and applications that focus on business process automation and security are expensive. PureDome becomes your front line of defense providing enterprise grade cybersecurity, but it can be managed by anyone. An intuitive dashboard, user logging and central billing means PureDome is easy to deploy and manage by non-technical resources. PureDome is full plug and play with seamless integration with internal technology. There is no additional hardware needed.

Small Businesses Go Through Growth Spurts

PureDome understands Small Business owners are ambitious and looking to grow. You add a hundred users in a year and it’s just a few clicks. PureDome scales as you scale, but you will never feel it because it is seamless.