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Journalists have jobs we all envy. But even though getting the latest hostile news out there and communicating essential pieces of information to the public may seem like a fancy job description with glamourous rewards, telling the truth like it is, is also undeniably risky.

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Similarly, putting your name on an online space dedicated to sharing stories, writing about things, news, and people you are passionate about, and voicing your opinions.

can be dangerous if the access of it lands into the hands of the wrong people.
Journalists and bloggers both have to rely heavily on having access to an internet connection at all times to conduct research, communicate, and get the word out to the masses and their audiences. Suppose this research and conversation isn’t protected. In that case, it could result in irrecoverable damages, not to mention losing one’s reputation and public trust—without which, this line of work would be fruitless.

One thing that puts journalists and bloggers at a higher risk for cybersecurity attacks and data theft is their need for the internet on the go. People belonging to creative and mass communication careers don’t lead desk jobs and often have to meet people and sources in different places to conduct research and carry out interviews, requiring them to lead a more flexible work lifestyle

This could involve working from cafés, airports, off-grid locations, and even malls and hotels. The problem with this is that most public Wi-Fi connections are spaces where hackers and cybercriminals like to hang out because it’s easy to get into connected devices.

Here, we’ll talk about why that could be dangerous for journalists and bloggers, the risks involved, and how they can protect their data and reduce the risk of falling victim to cybercrimes by using a VPN product.

Why journalists and bloggers are likely targets for cybercrimes?

It’s not enough to say that journalists and bloggers are at a greater risk for getting hacked into and would be better off with boosted cybersecurity efforts; it is also important to understand ‘why.’

To start, let’s began by understanding that hackers and cybercriminals attempt crimes like hacking and data theft for one main reason: money. This money can be attained by exploiting the information at hand, demanding a ransom to return access to essential files and documents, or selling found data to a third party who will pay for it.
There are two main reasons why this fact makes journalists and bloggers a likely target for cybercrimes.

1 – Access to sensitive information from sources and organizations

Most people with careers related to communicating with the masses talk to people; important people. These could be sources, witnesses, victims, and even c-level executives of different organizations in the corporate sector.

Often these people divulge sensitive information and inside stories that could be misused and exploited if it lands in the wrong hands. This information is usually recorded or includes visual elements for proof of authenticity, like documents or contracts, making it all the more important to protect it.

2 – Low awareness regarding cybersecurity

Even though the benefits of using cybersecurity tools such as VPNs are common knowledge, most journalists, bloggers, and other solopreneurs aren’t aware of the security risks posed by not using one.
What makes it even more challenging is an out-of-office, on-the-go working style that requires them to connect to the internet using unsafe public Wi-Fi, making them susceptible to cybercrimes like hacking and data theft.

How can a VPN benefit bloggers and journalists?

One of the best ways to bolster security if you’re a blogger who works on your own or a journalist who leads a flexible work-style is to use a VPN tool like PureVPN for Business. Here are the benefits that it can offer.

How can a VPN benefit bloggers and journalists?

One of the best ways to bolster security if you’re a blogger who works on your own or a journalist who leads a flexible work-style is to use a VPN tool like PureVPN for Business. Here are the benefits that it can offer.

Greater online security

VPN tools like PureVPN for Business are built keeping in context the unique security needs of businesses and business environments. These work by hiding your original IP address and letting you connect to the internet by way of a proxy server, using its IP.

This lets a user browse the internet safely the entire time the tool is on. An added benefit is that professional quality business VPNs, like PureVPN for Business, provide a high level of encryption. This means that a user’s communication with the internet is protected at all costs, and even if a hacker tries to get into it, they aren’t able to make sense of the information being exchanged.
This ensures the user’s anonymity and online privacy, which is perfect for people with careers and businesses as journalists and bloggers.

Access to geo-locked content for thorough research

Journalists often have to perform extensive research on specific topics and dig up information that isn’t easy to find to prove the validity of news or their story. More often than not, this information requires them to access areas of the internet that aren’t safe to access without a security tool and could result in dangerous consequences.

By hiding their original IP address, a VPN tool like PureVPN for Business allows users to access these blocked areas of the internet without risking their data or their identity.

Access to all streaming channels

One of the most important parts of being a blogger or a journalist is staying informed regarding the latest news worldwide. The problem is that most news channels are region-specific and are unavailable in most parts of the world, except a few.

This means that if you travel frequently, there is a chance that you could be experiencing blocked channels which could be annoying. A business VPN like PureVPN for Business will help you unblock these channels from anywhere in the world.

Safe public Wi-Fi connectivity

Connecting safely to public Wi-Fi, knowing that your security and data won’t be at risk was never easier. Since PureVPN for Business hides your IP address and encrypts your communication with the internet, it adds a double layer of protection around your online activities, making it safe for you to work from anywhere you have to.

Dark web access for publications that encourage freedom of speech like pro-publica

Many journalists find publications and news platforms like Pro Publica on the dark web a reliable place because of the freedom of speech and authenticity of the news that comes with being anonymous.
PureVPN for Business also makes it easy for journalists and bloggers to access the dark web to stay on top of news, voice what they think without fearing for their safety, and even communicate anonymously with whistleblowers.

Final words

Journalists and bloggers are among the most profitable targets for cybercriminals, given the nature of information their jobs require them to deal with. From confessions to internal company news, this is the type of information that could cause a lot of damage, which is valuable to cybercriminals. By using a VPN, you could significantly improve the security of this data.

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